“Me Portrait”
Oil on Canvas
20" X 16"

“Me Portrait” unveils the transformative energy imbedded in the fragmented moments of childhood memory from an image propelled out of its conventional context – the family portrait - to express uninhibited and irreverent emotions, unleashing the possibilities of self-creation and redemption through art. Through an unrestrained surge of color and a sensual rendering of a young girl’s memory of oppression and her intense desire to be free, “Me Portrait’s” feminist perspective brings awareness to the regenerative powers of art as healing and healing as art.

My painting faces transformation, shapeshifting and the uninhibited manifestations of fragmented experiences, unveiling images imprinted in memory and self-generated dreams. The processes of becoming, manifesting, reinvention and rebirth constitute the core of my painting in a contemporary, introspective and intense progression of shape, color and texture. My paintings confront the act of will and artistic power in the manifestation of dreams, memories and fantasies. Through my paintings I give birth to myself, as a shapeshifter, a bordercrosser, vowing to imprint my will through my craft in unconventional and unrestricted ways.

Gabrielle Pescador is an Ann Arbor based artist, originally from Windsor, Canada. She has presented her artwork (painting, fiber, installations) in different galleries and museums in Chicago, East Lansing, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.

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