Keep Away
Sculptography (sculpture and photography)
18" x 24"

I want it and you can't have it! Almost the theme of most major conflicts in the world today. If the other person would just "go away" the conflict would be resolved. This sculpture/photograph represents those things that are common to us all. Selfishness, Greed, Competition, Possessiveness, Jealousy. I have something of value, you want it, and I won't share it!

VISION: The beginning of all of my SCULPTURE. The methods I use are unique in that all of the various metals used are never welded or soldered in place; rather, they are PRESSED TOGETHER, forming a unique bond and blend of color and contrast. “Intent” is extremely important. There are no ambiguities. To me the metal is very organic and symbiotic. It often reflects its surroundings in ways that any other media cannot. I often rely very heavily on contrast in my works. You will see precision mixed with a presumptive chaos. To highlight the predominant, I consciously incorporate the mundane. I take my sculpture a step further and enhance its imagery through a photographic process I call “Sculptograpy”. The union or marriage of both media to form a single and unique new medium.
A man will see with his eyes but an artist sees with his vision T. Murray