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My students do great work!!
One large project completed was the "Character Around the World" mural shown above.
The mural is 27 feet long and 10 feet high! We made it using nine 3 x 10 foot strips of paper.
We were honored to have it displayed in Orlando, Florida
during the state "Multicultural / Minority Issues" Conference.

MORE Cha-Cha-Changes!!!!
The 2010-2011 school year has brought more changes again. Rather than teaching at multiple schools, I am back HOME at Hamilton Disston full time! HOORAY!
This school year started with a roar! The art department has already won 3 grants for art projects this year.
We won a Pinellas Education Foundation mini-grant to create a "codex" similar to the Mayan Codex. We are using computer software to create magnificent pages and our own "HD Codex".

We also got a grant from Verizon to work with our iPads and create art about the universe and constellations.

The icing on the cake is the award from P. Buckley Moss Foundation to do a technology project called "Vanquish Violence". This will be a video/technology project created by students K-12.

Meanwhile, we are busy using our new Smartboard, Flip Cameras, iPads, and Wacom tablets. I am still using my video "lesson starters" to get art lessons going because the kids seem to love them.
Here is one showing how to make a PINCH POT! BTW, stay tuned. HD art department ROCKS!! :-)

Click the pic to watch my PINCH POT lesson starter video!!

Here is another little video showing some art entries submitted by my
Hamilton Disston students included in the 08-09 district art show.

Click to watch our little video!!

I have taught at Hamilton Disston since 1993. This is a very special school for EBD (Emotionally Behavior Disorders) K-12 students. If you ever think EBD students can't "DO", look at this work. Every single day, they amaze me! These projects are examples of the work of all grade and skill levels. We have been very lucky and fortunate over the years. In 1996, I was a semi-finalist for Pinellas County Teacher of the Year. Shortly after that honor, I won a national first place award from the P.B. Moss organization for my work with Special Education students. 1999 was a wild year! It brought both "Pinellas Technology Teacher of the Year" and National Board Certification. Whoopee!! In 2001, I was honored with the TIME / Chevy Malibu "Teaching Excellence Award". I won a new car and $2000. for my classroom. This money was spent to buy a new computer. My students and I were featured in a Chevy print ad which ran in Time Magazine and other publications!
My students and I also appreciate the funds and honors we have received from numerous granting agencies. In 2008, we were honored with a very generous grant from the Gulfport Florida Women's Club. This year, Home Shopping Network (HSN) awarded my class a Flip Video camera, so we can make more movies! Special THANKS go to these corporations and institutions. With your help, our art department has been gifted with the opportunity to be very creative! We are very grateful for your generosity.

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Ocean Mural 2007!
Click this thumbnail to see our new mural!


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