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Big bumpy faces. I never had a feel for painting. Oh, I could paint sculpture OK but canvas is too flat. Its surface is right there and yet the art exists in a world on the other side. I just couldn't get into it, couldn't get comfortable in that imaginary world. But about 10 years ago, I made a van Gogh sculpture, "Vincent Says..." Put money in his ear and he says stuff. Yeah, I know. It's kind of sick if you think about it but, I had my reasons. Anyway, I felt that the sculpture needed some van Gogh paintings to accompany it. So I fabricated a fragment of ""Starry Night" " and a big version of one of his sunflower paintings out of urethane foam and painted them with pigmented epoxy. I really liked that. I liked the insanely bumpy bubbly surface. The way it changed with the light. It was like painting sculpture. Recently, I got some big sheets of Styrofoam cut them into 4x4 foot squares, covered them with urethane foam and painted a self portrait on half. I figured if I'm going to abuse someone's face, I should start with "my own. Next I did my wife, Janet. She doesn't like the painting of her, but she let it continue to exist. I think we/they make a nice pair. Then I did several portraits of great people. I tried to select individuals who had changed the world. I found photos of them when they were young adults before they achieved fame. These are not the iconic images with which we are familiar, yet for most of them, it is closer to their age when they did their transformative deeds.



Special thanks to Jim Pallas for allowing me to use a
digitized version of "Louis Armstrong" on our exhibition splash page.

Louis Armstrong