Mountaintop Removal
Watercolor on Yupo
24 X 21 inches

Face the music, people. There is no such thing as “Clean Coal.” In the backyards of our Appalachian Mountains, our own women, children, and men are living in third world conditions while mining companies set off explosions round the clock to literally blow the tops of our mountains off. They do this to mine coal for power. The toxic waste, ruble, and debris are being pushed down the mountains, contaminating all of the watersheds for thousands of miles, and the streams along the mountain pour this into water supplies all over our nation. Just so you know, every time you leave on a light you don’t need, or leave the TV on while you don’t watch it, or the computer when you aren’t using it, you are helping to blow up my back yard!

Amanda is a graduate student at Goddard College completing an interdisciplinary MA in environmental art. She spent twenty years as a zookeeper before returning to school to follow her muse. Her work has been shown in galleries around the country and at the Maier Museum of Art in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her photography took second place at the National Women's Art Exhibition in 2009. She is also a published poet and writer.