24x36 inches

You only know this if you have experienced it or lived it. Itís like looking at life through a shattered glass. You look through it for awhile, you canít see clearly; you anguish over how and why. You try to fix it and figure it out. It is difficult to explain but you know itís not fixable but you stay for awhile in the blurred, confused vision. It can bring a distorted comfort, dominated by fearing the unknown. Then you finally realize you have to break through. After you do, you never look back and you realize you are unscathed. It feels like that moment when you are in that perfect glow of the sun. It is only you, just you, and the sunís glow. It slows the heart and makes you feel your breath. It is a place of peace. It is a feeling of triumph, rightness and a true appreciation of clarity.

I was finishing up my Associateís Degree in Graphic Design at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville Florida when I decided I was not ready to end the college experience and wanted to explore more art. I switched my major to Drawing and attended The University of Florida. While I was there, I began to take classes in clay sculpture. I was hooked. I enjoyed painting and drawing but clay was to me, the ultimate medium. I minored in clay sculpture and received Bachelors in Art Education. Teaching art became a priority for years, and I started painting two years ago to re-energize my personal creative goals.