It's a Minefield Out There
Oil/mixed media on panel
24 x20 x 1 5/8 inches

The more advanced and sophisticated we've become, the more vulnerable we've made ourselves.
What appears to be prosperity may be our Achilles' heel. The tallest buildings, the deepest wells....
The price we ultimately pay is as yet unknown.

Erika is an abstract mixed media artist currently living in Las Vegas.
Erika Allison's art education began as a child, observing and drawing. She took art classes with St. Louis artist Elaine Small, received a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art Awards and attended Kansas University Summer Art and Music Camp on scholarship. She continued her education at Drake University, majoring in art.
Erika has worked in oils, watercolor and clay, and is now working in mixed media. She has exhibited at many prestigious outdoor art festivals across the country. She has work in private and corporate collections.
Erika was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She has lived in Norfolk, Virginia, the Chicago suburbs and rural Minnesota. She now resides and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She believes there is inspiration to be found everywhere. The ideas are within the artist, not the locale.