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There is a difference between our age and maturity level.
At first glance, "Misbehaviorists" seem to be about fractious, spoiled, or unruly children.
However, I have met many adults who act the same way! Haven't you?
Each work is started with layers of paint symbolizing our life years.
The surface is scratched and marked revealing experiences of our past.
Each character represents the child in all of us.

"Me" "Stupidhead" "No" "Sweaty"
"I did it" "Goody" "Stop it" "He hit me"
"Alone" "Mine" "Boom" "Hungry"
"Bad" "Crybaby" "Dont Touch" "Gimme"
"Make me" "Sit down" "Who Cares" "Ugly"

Acrylic on Canvas with painted edges (No frame needed), 8" X 10"
All works are for sale unless otherwise noted.
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original artwork COPYRIGHT Sheree Rensel

Sheree Rensel Artist St. Petersburg, Florida