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Dali Resolved - Dali Watch Resolved
"Creating this compilation describes my 'resolve' as an Artist. One of my favorite Artists of all time Is Salvador Domènec Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol. His works encouraged me, no only to work as my spirit guided me and to stay true to myself, but to not limit myself to any single form or medium for my artwork. Coupled with my 'resolve' to always try, never saying I can't, with Salvador Dali's wild expressions, with the freedom to paint whatever came to mind, led me on to conquer many art forms and mediums. This first composite depicts three totally different art forms I have loved (watercolor on canvas, fiber art and sculpture) all brought together in honor of Dali's representations of misshaped clocks and long legged horses, of which I admire greatly. It has been my latest 'Resolution' to learn, perfect in my own right, and add my abstract impressions to the art of Tattooing. In doing so, I honor Salvador Dali by tattooed myself, my creation (and second piece) My 'Dali Iris Wrist Watch'. And, so it is that as an Artist, I am Resolved."

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Sheree Rensel - Exhibition Coordinator and GOMF Gallery Owner