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ONLINE: Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts
These figures are individual, unique, soft sculptures.
They are not toys or dolls meant for children.
All "Lost Souls" are Fiber/Mixed Media and measure approximately 11" tall.

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Artist's Statement
The Internet has created a new world for all of us. We are now able to communicate with people globally. This new mode of interaction galvanizes the connection between humans, yet this link is tenuous and anonymous. We talk. We hear no voices. There are spoken words, but we hear no inflection. There are stories, but there is no guarantee of truth or body language to read. Our imaginations can run wild trying to create personas of those we meet online. Online: Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts is a project that was begun a few years ago to help me visualize those who I have met via the Internet. We all make acquaintances and friends online. We never truly meet them physically or in a real world sense. We learn little tidbits about their lives, their dreams, and their personalities. We never really KNOW them. Most often, we never see them either. Due to this anonymity, my artist's mind began to drift and wander searching for tactile documentation of these allusive meetings. I would take snippets of IM messages, passages from message boards, or segments of emails and try to piece together the people I have met via the World Wide Web. These soft sculptures are small representations of each individual's persona. The attached TOE TAG contains a brief, textual profile, which is my interpretation of each character's attributes as I have learned to know them. This will be a never-ending project. The Internet is here to stay.
Sheree Rensel

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original artwork Sheree Rensel

Sheree Rensel Artist St. Petersburg, Florida