"Studio Studio" is a thinking show. It allows the viewers to see inside the artist's inner sanctum, their studio.
The concept is simple, but informative. Artists sent their thoughts and photos of their workspaces to me via email.
This exhibition is a compilation of this correspondence.
We invite you to take the time to read and look in hopes you will find interest in one important part of artists lives:

The studio is where it all happens.

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John Adkins

Erika Allison

Robin Borland

Jack Breit

Michael Chomick

Trisha Clarkin

Boo Ehrsam

Amy Lennard Gmelin

Tamara Kane

Christine Laikind

Shauna Lee Lange

Rachel Morris

Gabrielle Pescador

Sheree Rensel

Louise Janet Schlachter

Gilda Snowden

Tricia Soderberg




Sheree Rensel - Exhibition Coordinator and GOMF Gallery Owner