Mete' Mwen Verite
Creole (my heritage) for Face My Truth
Alpaca, Collie, Corriedale, Phalene, Llama, Merino, Silk,
Viscose, Wensleydale, Feathers, Hand Blown Glass, Silver
14 x 23 inches (34 inches w/fringe & hanger)
NFS ( offering consignment for personalized artwork)

Creating this piece compelled an awakening of sorts; delving into my views regarding my own self discovery. Pondering, in a sort of meditative state, interpreting every aspect of my life, both good and bad, enabled this, my depiction of my Truth. I was able to Face these Facts and tell my story through my value of color and texture, with regard to particular fibers and glasswork, I considered variations that could reveal my authenticity. Amongst these, my joie de vivre, this piece also depicts issues relevant to my heart, mind and soul; portraying my fears, my heartbreaks, my worries, my self expression and beliefs. By virtue of my love for design, I could not omit my tattoos, my jewelry, my penchant for fiber and its vast applications, which all integrating into my personal interpretation of my physical attributes. I found this project quite euphoric and enlightening.

My artistic journey began being born in New Orleans, Louisiana. My artwork has taken me through a myriad of travels, experiences, exhibits, art shows, including renaissance fairs and festivals around the country. For many years, I worked in the medium of watercolor. Early on, I transformed my impressionistic works into abstracts and later adding into the mix my fascination for dimension and texture. My travels taught me, not only about the quality of my art, but most importantly, thinking outside the 'frame'.
After moving to the Pacific Northwest, my work as a Watercolorist transitioned to working with fiber. Serendipitiously, the use of color in its liquid form persevered as watercolors turned into dyes. I fell in love with the process, as it allowed me to design my own freestyle , deminsional creations. Fiber art belonged in my artistic repertoire; into my artistic Soul. For this reason, I named my work 'FiberSoul'.