A Little Birdie Told Me
Mixed Media
18 x 12 x 9 inches

I hate it when people lie to me. Honesty is one of the most important traits a person can possess. Truth in what we do and say is the root of our character and integrity. It is the foundation of trust. In today's world honesty can be elusive. There are so many ways to veil reality. Also, the honor of truth has been tarnished.

I was once in a situation in which I was told lies daily. Dishonesty reigned and for a long time, I lived with constant false information. I knew about the deception. One day, I started to write each lie I had been told on a piece of paper. Then, I would wrap it up in cloth and tie a bow around it. I found this bird cage and put the pile of lies inside the cage. They became trapped inside. In other words, I let them go. I didn't need them inside my head anymore.

I made this sculpture back then. It has never been shown in an exhibition. When I started to photograph it for this show, I took one of the word bundles, unwrapped it, and read it. Those dishonest times rushed back into me. This is an example of the power of honesty and the destruction of lies.

How did I know they were lies? A little birdie told me.

I was born an artist and it stuck.